Stay at home mom hacks

You are here today because you are in search of the best productivity hacks for work-at-home moms that truly work! 

Well, you are in the right place.

It can be a tough task to remain focused on your home-based business or any other routine for that matter as a stay at home mom.

Smartphones, TV, and sometimes even the kids could get in the way.

And that’s only a small sample of all the things life could throw your way.

Well if you’re a stay-at-home mom who’s been struggling to stay productive then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to give you 7 hacks that will help enhance your productivity, get things done, and have you feeling so relieved by the end of the day.

So if you’re ready to finally take on your day and business like the amazing mom that you are, then keep on reading because these tips will definitely make things so much easier for you.

So what are the best productivity hacks for work-at-home moms?

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Best Productivity Hacks to Follow for Busy Moms:

Here you'll find the ultimate list of productivity hacks for work-at-home moms by work-at-home moms in the trenches of beautiful work-at-home-motherhood!

1. Plan Ahead

Planning is one of the most critical steps of any kind of personal and professional responsibility.

Lots of research has shown it’s so much harder to make any smart or straightforward decisions without a specific goal in mind.

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Well, that definitely applies here.

But it can easily be prevented if you plan well ahead of time.

That means you need to set a proper timetable for your entire day.

You’ll obviously have your business plans but you also need to account for things such as:

  • Family meals
  • Dropping and picking up the kids
  • And any other errands that need to be taken care of

Even something as little as planning your outfits in advance can save you some time.

The takeaway is you want to make sure you prep for the next day ahead of time so you don’t wake up scrambling to get everything or everyone together.

These simple work at home mom hacks will do wonders for you, trust me. 

2. Set Realistic Goals

Planning and goal setting are only efficient when they’re done correctly.

If you don’t set realistic goals, you’ll end up running in a frenzy and still feel unproductive.

And even then it’s likely you won’t be able to get everything done.

You should set small and achievable goals for yourself.

I understand there’s always that pressure to get so much done in a single day but oftentimes it’s much better when you break things down into smaller tasks.

And the beauty about that is as you cross a task off your list, you’re motivated to complete the next one.

All of that leads to a snowball effect.

You obviously know your schedule a lot more than I do so I can’t give you any rigid guidelines here.

But trying to take on too much often leads to stress which is never a good thing for your health in the long run.

So do yourself a favor and set forth goals you can actually accomplish within your day.

It’s good for you and everyone around you.

3. Use Time Blocks (Avoid distractions)

Time blocking essentially means you plan for a specific time of the day when you’re going to focus on your business and nothing else.

It’s a time that’s reserved for you only.

I know. I know.

I understand this can be a tough thing to do as a busy mom.

But believe me when I say if you find the time when you’re able to avoid all the distractions, it’ll be totally worth it.

Speaking of distractions, you need to make sure you keep them away.

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking actually hurts productivity.

Your brain cannot focus on 2 highly demanding tasks at the same time.

I see you nodding in agreement because you’ve experienced it.

As you plan and set your goals, you need to make sure you set specific time periods for specific tasks.

Now before you come screaming at me, I understand things happen and plans do change.

I’m not saying any of it has to be set in stone but you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you just try to wing it.

All of these things are meant to make things so much easier for you during the day.

Use time blocks and stay away from distractions as much as possible.

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4 . Work When You’re Most Productive

Everyone has their own time of the day when they feel the most energetic.

That’s really the best time for you to work.

In most cases, people feel more active in the morning after a good night’s rest. As a stay at home mom, that time could probably be when the kids are still asleep.

Or maybe when they’re away at school.

For others, it could be right after they’ve put the kids to bed.

Finding some simple stay at home mom hacks really depends on your lifestyle.

The point is you need to figure out the time(s) when you’re the most productive.

Once you’re aware, you need to schedule your time blocks around that period.

That makes you so much more efficient and productive because you’ll be doing your best work with a high amount of energy and the least distractions.

Another good productivity tip will be to make sure you perform your most difficult tasks during that time period.

So break your list up into low and high-energy tasks so you know which ones to handle at the appropriate time.

If you do it that way then you’re able to think clearly and get more work done.

5. Create A Dedicated Workspace

No, I’m not telling you to build a whole new office in your house or apartment.

A workspace simply means setting up a small corner that’s reserved for your most productive work.

Believe me when I say it’ll make a huge difference in how you get things done.

Relaxing on your couch or trying to handle different tasks in bed isn’t intuitive.

You have to separate your “relaxing” areas from your work areas.

Plus having a dedicated workspace also allows you to keep things organized.

All your important documents need to be in a separate area – especially when you have young kids at home.

So if you want to better manage your time and keep things organized, please make sure you find a dedicated area to do your best work.

It also has a subtle subconscious effect on those around you.

Once you reserve a specific area for work, they start to understand not to bother you during those times.

And again I get that this may not be necessarily 100% child or husband proof but you never know till you try.

Even if not for them, it’ll at least help you be more productive.

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6 . Dress Up for success

The mind is a funny thing sometimes.

Did you know just by changing your attire you can effectively rewire your brain for success?

I know it’s comfy and tempting to stay in your pajamas all day but basic psychology tells us that feeling of comfort often leads to poor performance and less productivity.

Changing into “work” clothes gives your mind and body a much-needed boost and transition from sleep time to a productive working routine.

What you wear is how you feel.

Dressing up is a very simple and yet, powerful habit that you should adopt to make yourself more productive throughout the day.

Do you need to be fancy?

I actually don’t see anything wrong with that.

You’re a hardworking mom and you deserve to look your best. But it’s okay if you don’t feel the need to pull out a complete work attire.

A simple dress or nice shirt and pants will do the trick.

Whatever you do, please make sure it’s not your pajamas.

Or gym clothes for that matter. ☺

7. Be okay with imperfections

There is absolutely no need to strive for perfection.

At the end of the day, you’re human and nobody is perfect.

I guarantee you even after reading all of these tips you’ll still have a few days here and there

where you don’t feel like your best self.

That’s totally okay. (As long as you don’t make it a habit)

Embrace the good with the bad.

It’s part of life.

Funny thing is once you’re okay with imperfections, you’ll actually be able to lead a more productive life because you’ll be fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

And when you figure out the areas where you’re not the most energetic, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

As a matter of fact, you should so it takes some things off your plate.

Being a stay-at-home mom often means you need to shoulder a lot of responsibilities but you also deserve some time for your own physical and mental well-being.

Realizing you can’t do it all and understanding things don’t necessarily need to be perfect alleviates a lot of that stress.

And with that, you’re able to manifest the best version of yourself.

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And there you have it, an epic list of the best productivity hacks for Work-at-home moms!

Being a stay at home mom is a continuous learning journey.

And with all of the responsibilities you have to handle, it can easily become overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

You can become extremely productive just by making a few tweaks here and there in your daily mom routine.

These 7 productivity tips are an excellent starting point. As you get the hang of things, you’ll continue to improve over time.

There will always be more work to do but never let that get the best of you.

Every new day is another opportunity to start afresh and get even better than the previous one.

Do the right things, build the right habits and I promise you’ll become a better and even more productive mom.

I hope these work at home mom hacks help you become more productive!

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