Busy Mom Workout Plan

Workout for moms, a topic I hear about in every mom Facebook I am part of.

So many of us do not get the time to religiously run to the gym, especially brand new mothers or moms with young toddlers.

With all the new responsibilities and overwhelming workload, women find it impossible to commit to a daily workout at the gym but with a little perseverance, one can achieve the best results at home.

Daily workout is not just about having a great body.

It is also about allotting to oneself the me-time that every one of us deserves.

New mothers are constantly caring and looking out for their babies along with chores or office work, for them, the time for themselves becomes all the more important for their mental and physical well-being. 

Finding the best workout for moms at home is our goal here. 

We understand a strict daily workout routine at the gym is next to impossible but you can always incorporate fitness activities into your daily routine.

Try to do activities that serve as an alternative to workouts.

This way you do not lose the time off work or your baby and also ensure that you get all the exercise you need.

In this article, we aim to bring you ways how you can fit in your workout in your packed-up daily routine.

We are hoping to share the following things today:

  • A busy mom workout schedule

  • The best workout for moms at home

  • A simple mom workout plan you can do from home

And much more! 

If you are looking for at home workouts for moms, then you have come to the right place. 

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Workout plans for busy moms

As a mom to a three-year-old toddler, I quickly found that having a daily routine was the best way to get things done as well as to keep my daughter occupied. 

She enjoys having a routine and now she automatically knows what to do each day to get the day going. 

This alone makes my life so much easy. 

So if you can come with a daily routine for yourself it will be so much easier to fit in a workout or two.

Here is why I recommend setting up a daily routine for busy moms!

Now that you have that set, here are a few ways you can easily incorporate a workout into your busy daily schedule. 

These tips are going to help you big time.

Read on!

Best at home workouts for moms!

The best at-home workout for busy moms! Workout at home workout -- perfect for women, especially busy mamas! This strength training workout for women combines full body strength training exercises with quick HIIT cardio bursts, for an effective, quick workout you can do at home! #workouthome #busymoms1. Cycle instead of driving

Cycling is a great cardio activity and can actually be a replacement for your daily gym workout.

Whenever you have to run to the store or cover a short distance, take a cycle instead of driving.

If you are a working mother and your office is not too far away, cycle down to your office.

However, make sure you do not strain yourself as often after delivery doctors advise against cycling for a few months.

So opt for cycling only if it is at least 8 months post your delivery or as your doctor suggests.

Cycling has several benefits like improving your cardiovascular health.

It also strengthened your leg and calf muscles and it is also considered a stress buster.

Often doctors advise cycling for patients diagnosed with anxiety and stress.

It helps the energy to be released physically laying off the mental stress.

Hence, if you can make this your daily workout plan rest assured you will have almost all the benefits that a gym workout delivers.

And for someone that suffers from chronic pain, I found these yoga poses to be extremely beneficial. 

2. Keep Everything Else In Order

If you are a busy mom, it is mandatory for you to be organized if you want your busy mom’s workout routine to actually work out.

Make sure your baby is fed and gets enough sleep.

Get all his essentials like diapers, the best baby wipes, milk, toys, etc. sorted so that assorting them does not take a significant amount of your time.  

Ask yourself what is the best daily mom workout routine and accordingly sort the other things out.

Adjust your schedule to other works in your routine.

3. Walk it Out

A simple workout for moms should not feel like you are trying too hard.

We know just how busy you are. 

Keep it as simple as you can.

Honestly, when I was searching for the perfect “busy mom workout plan” and I saw walking, I was so excited. 

I can do that, no problem. 

Try to walk more and more.

Get your water bottle out, put on your earphones with good busy and get to walking.  

Walking is one of the best workouts for moms. 

While you talk over a call try to walk around the room and talk.

If followed regularly it could prove the best daily workout routine at home.

It is a pity that small apartment system flats have reduced our habit of walking but when at home, you can make the best out of it by walking.

Especially when you are occupied with so many responsibilities.

a couple dog walking in the park getting a workout4. Take Stairs 

Promote your walking game a notch higher by taking the stairs whenever you can.

It is a great daily leg workout and can substitute your workout on a treadmill.

If you live in a house that has stairs this could be a great daily home workout.

Whenever you get a chance run up and down the stairs in a set of 3 or 4.

The best is you can do this anytime- while your child is asleep or while you are listening to music or audio stories.

Sometimes you don’t even have to plan this part of the workout as you will find yourself taking the stairs more than once in pursuing your daily activity.

If you are a working woman, take the stairs to your floor instead of an elevator.

It will help you shed the extra fat that stays after delivery and also is a great exercise for your heart and legs.  

This is perhaps the best daily workout program that can be achieved without any extra effort or time sacrifice.

5. Workout at Your Desk

While a daily full-body workout will be difficult for some women, you can always try to workout sitting right at your work desk.

Instead of sitting idle at your chair in a bad posture slouching and bending, pull yourself up and stretch a little.

You can do neck rub and back exercises while sitting on your chair.

Do some bicep curls or you can also raise your legs in the air and count till 10. Do it in sets of 8.

You may also interlace your fingers and stretch them up as high as possible.

Do knee presses to relieve knee pain that occurs due to sitting for a long time.

There are several exercises that can be done to make your day at the desk productive workout-wise. Sitting idle makes you fat and unfit.

It also makes your body a host of joint problems.

6. Gym Be The New Canteen

Instead of spending your lunchtime at the canteen, spend it at the gym in your office.

Lunchtime is a break from all the work and we often like to spend it with our colleagues and friends in the canteen.

But when you are tied up in a packed schedule, be wise, and use the best you can.

Ditch canteen and workout in the gym, make sure your lunch is nutritious and simple to support your workout.

An elaborate lunch will only render you lesser time than a simple one.

Also do not forget to take a protein shake before or after your workout as they give your body all the required nutrients without much hassle.

Try cycling, weight-lifting, treadmill, or any equipment as per your choice.

This could turn out to be your short daily gym workout plan and a great way to shape yourself up.

7. Kettlebell Workout at Home

Kettlebells are one of the gym equipment that can be very conveniently kept at home and you can workout anytime you wish to.

Kettlebells are cannon-ball-like weights that have handles.

You can sneak out of your work for 10 minutes, do your quick session, and re-join the chores.

Yes, it is that easy!  

It burns a lot of fat and also improves your metabolism.

A daily kettlebell workout is perhaps the best option for busy people who do not have the time to religiously follow an elaborate workout routine.

How to find time to work out at home for busy moms!8. Personalize Your Routine and Stick To It

Make an honest and plausible daily burn workout list and stick to it.

Personalize it with your preferences- for instance, if you do not like running, do not try to incorporate it instead take up another activity that you feel comfortable with.

As yourself what body parts can you work out daily and whatever your comfort level decides, go with that flow. 

Remember your workout cannot be vigorous as your aim is not just weight loss but also relaxation thus, try not to stress yourself.

Too much stress will only make you weak and tired and you will not be able to do your daily activity.

Your daily workout should be your leisure activity- relaxing and stress-busting.

9. One Thing at a Time

A good beginner’s daily workout for women consists of smaller tasks and then gradually evolving into more rigorous ones.

For instance, if you do 50 sit-ups on day 1 it will only shock your body and make you tired and achy beyond relief.

Being a busy woman, you wouldn’t want that.

Thus take baby steps with daily workout and gradually as your stamina builds up and you can manage a little more time, speed it up.

Also, try maintaining regularity.

Once a week vehement workout will do more harm than good.

Instead, work out a little but do so every day.

10. Do Not Give Up

Let us warn you that it is not going to be a cakewalk right from the beginning.

A daily workout challenges no matter how lenient it is will weigh on you for the first few days and you might find it absolutely impossible to juggle everything with it.

But trust us, that is the difficult part. Once you overcome that it will organically become a part of your daily routine.

Hanging in there for the first few days is the real challenge.

Do not let small setbacks disappoint you.

Do not give up on yourself so easily, ladies.

Workout for moms should be easy peasy and that was the goal of the post! 

We hope you enjoyed it. 

With all these small tricks and tips for fitting in your workout, you will soon notice changes.

None of the above-mentioned tips are impossible for either busy moms at home or women at the office but they make a great difference in your lifestyle.

Write to us about your experiences and share your stories with us.

We love to hear from you.

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