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We are currently accepting collaboration opportunities with brands in the US, Canada and around the world. 

Feel free to contact us today if you would like to collaborate with our brands. 

We set all fees for any and ALL types of collaboration opportunities with no exception.

We work hard to create ONLY quality content that our readers have come to love, trust and appreciate. 

To keep providing quality products for our readers, we do extensive research and only feature brands that will resonate with our readers. 

There are many ways we can work together, such as press trips, sponsored blog and social media stories, giveaways, photo and video asset creation, and email campaigns.

Have your own idea?

I’m always open to new partnerships!

Types of Collaborations & Sponsorship Opportunities Available on Mommy Makes Money Online:

  • Sponsored Posts such as Articles & Reviews 
  • Social Media Endorsement
  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Newsletter / Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Sidebar ads
  • You can sponsor current posts

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Sponsored Post – Content Created By Mommy Makes Money Online

Have one of our team members write a blog post/review of your product, and we will publish it on Mommymakesmoneyonline.com. Includes newsletter mention and social account mention.

1 Post ~ $450

2 Post ~ $650

Newsletter Endorsement

Be endorsed to my 9,000 engaged email subscribers via my newsletter.

 ~ $250

Sponsoring a blog post

We have posts that bring us thousands of traffic each month. You can sponsor an already published post. 

Provided that a post is not already sponsored, is not a guest post, you can sponsor it. 

Here is a sample blurb

“This post was made possible by XYZ brand. We would like to thank XYZ brand for sponsoring this post. XYZ brand is (10-15 words about the brand). Please follow them here for more information.”

~ $350


Collaborations are just that. This is not a backlink opportunity. 

We collaborate to bring our readers and brand together. 

All paid links will be no-follow, as per Google’s TOS.

To Advertise At Mommy Makes Money Online

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Hot Topics On The Blog:

Please note that we are extremely inclusive and work on creating content that caters to everyone especially the black community.

As a woman of colour, this is really important to me.

Here are what our audience resonate with:

  • Mom lifestyle tips
  • Making Money Online and Saving Money
  • Tips for women
  • Financial tips
  • Career and Job Opportunities
  • We also review a lot of local brands

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